Independent lingerie label handmade to order in Melbourne, Australia


Photography: Steph Cammarano 
MUAH: Sarah Baxter
Model: Lulu Wagstaffe
Assistants: Dominique Adamidis, Stephanie Walravens, Michaela Barca
I am very excited to share my latest collection ‘As Above, So Below’. After exploring darkness and death in 2012, I wanted to look at something completely different for the future. I was inspired by the ocean and all the life found in it, from the coral reefs to the spiny legged crabs. I researched sea myths and legends about mermaids and the Greek Gods, and represented these ideas in graphic shapes and bold lines. The patterns that repeat throughout nature, and the Golden Ratio also provided my inspiration. I have built on my previous work and use of bamboo and mesh, and introduced hand cut leather, cotton lace, and New Zealand merino wool. 
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